The Lhiannan-Shee Picture

My original vampire's, Taliesin Orbron's, mother is the Lhiannan-Shee ((aka 'Lhian')). She's taken from Irish Mythology and can be considered a vampire by several different vampire sources, including in "The Vampire Watcher's Handbook" by Constantine Gregory. Taliesin, her son that I created, can be considered a male version of a "Dearg-Du"- a vampire which is stunnining beautiful and takes the form of a temptress.

Now, some details from the general mythos:

The Lhiannan-Shee (lannan-shee), or Leanan Sidhe (lan-awn shee), "The Faerie Lover", has received a great amount of attention by the poet W. B. Yeats. Perhaps this is because of her main function as a Dark Muse.

While she is radiantly beautiful to the man she enchants, she is invisable to all other mortals. As with all things Faerie, once the poet has known the Leanan Sidhe's carress, all mortal women, however comely, seem lifeless and dull to him.

So the poet, living in an all encompassing yearning for his immortal lover, is inspired to great writings. This happens because the Leanan Sidhe has the power to make the creativity of an entire lifetime burn though the poet in a short time. Having taken her fill of his quickened lifeforce, he then must go to an early death.

As a vampire, she uses this lifeforce to keep herself beautiful and to weave her spells upon yet another mortal. Though seduction is deadly, it is nothing but Otherworld ecstacy for the human soul she feeds from.

The Leanan Sidhe is said to reside under the Irish Sea off the eastern coast of Ireland, and roams the Isle of Man at night, seeking a lonely young man to bring her Dark Inspiration.

So, my ideal vampire would be the type to keep up with modern, dark, fashions to entice and seduce lonely souls to her side. She's demure and yet so bold, not the least bit to walk in the sun since with age comes wisdom and power. With an elegant glint of her otherworldly eyes she can scare, entice, and promise so much without even speaking a single world. Through her dark kiss and wisdom, she could inspire things that mortals should not be able to do...

And when the poor victim breaths his last breath, he still worship her in glorious existance. For a vampire's most powerful weapon, to me, is the ability to keep those of the light so entralled and fascinated with the darkness.

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Tech Talkness:
Well, I've been experimenting in a new style for a contest now. I'm not sure how I feel about this piece, but I still have a faint love for it because it made me realize I can airbrush pretty damn well if I put some serious effort into it. This was completely done in Open Canvas, but the border and its effects were added in Photoshop. Go me.


A reference picture was used for this. ^_^
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