Apollo and Daphne Picture

I have to read Bulfinch's Mythology for school, this summer
It's pretty interesting...just hard to read through without my mind drifting...

Apollo and Daphne is one of the first stories I read about in the book, and I thought it was so sad!

Poor Apollo was tricked by Cupid. He was hit in the heart by the arrow of love, while his counterpart (the beautiful Daphne) was struck with a love repellent arrow. When Daphne refused the love of Apollo, she fled from him. He wouldn't stop the chase, and she begged her father, Peneus the river god, to "Open the earth to enclose me, or change my form, which has brought me into this danger!""...And so he did just that. Poor Daphne was turned into a tree...and Apollo vowed to turn her into many miscellaneous goods...Poor Daphne.
Story here: [link]

I was going to add more effects...and a background..but I got lazy
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