aceo for kayrea Picture

aceo for *Kayrea organized by #CreativeACEOtrades. I was told to create any being from myths or legends. I didn't want to do "usual" mythological creatures so little research suggested me the Khepri- it is Egyptian god of the morning sun, scarab that pushes the sun across the sky. The midday, main god of the sun is Ra, and his representation is circle with dot inside and is also used for "sun" in general. I am pleased with the outcome: the black hieroglyphs mean "Khepri" and by adding colour to she scarab and sun-symbol I also suggested the mythological role. I really enjoyed creating this card, along with prior research of many highly suspicious mythological creatures!

watercolours and black promarker on smooth paper 3,5" x 2,5"

art (c) to me
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