Celtic Zodiac: Birch (24 Dec. - 20 Jan.) Picture

The first in my series of Celtic Zodiac illustrations.

The Birch Tree (Beth)
24 Dec. - 20 Jan.
Gem: Rock crystal
Animal: the Stag/Golden Eagle
Flower: the common Daisy
Symbolizing: the Sun
Archetypal character: Taliesin, bardic-god

Tree Character:

"Birch tree characters hold the seed potential of all the signs. The virtue of patience is attributed to this sign, a necessary requirement when dealing with such potential. People born under this sign direct their energy and enterprise through ambitious strategy; each step taken in life has a specific goal in mind. The obstacles can, however, be quite formidable. Personal limitations are not readily accepted, as birch tree characters become more resolute and determined. Some notable birch tree characters include Pasteur, Kepler, Gladstone, Lloyd George and Ronald Reagan."

Positive Aspects:

"Birch tree characters are reliable and trustworthy people, not given to rash moves or bold statements.
The second-son aspect in the mythology of the sign has an interesting parallel, psychologically speaking. Birch tree characters often take on the role as head of the house, not through seniority of birth, but because they take family responsibilities very seriously. They are usually the most successful members of the family in financial terms, although they might not appear so as they do not flaunt their success or generally waste money on the symbols of affluence."

Negative Aspects:

"A rigid outlook can promote a pessimistic character and impose a form of self-discipline that can be difficult to sustain. Their willpower can therefore alternate, or fall between two extremes, resulting in some wild behavior or acting out of character that may surprise even close colleagues. It may, however, go to the other extreme of acting with great discipline and determination at certain times - but never consistently. Undisciplined birch tree characters are unhappy individuals."

(All excerpts from The Celtic Lunar Zodiac by Helena Paterson.)

This is the first illustration in the series, please watch and stay tuned for your Celtic Zodiac illustration!

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