Collab Adopts: Moonshot and Sunsong (CLOSED) Picture

Collab pony adopts I did with the amazing KurosuAi and Kitsune-no-Suzu!
(who also have a collab adopt account, check it out! -> Kikuko-Keika )
I did the lines and some minor editing (background, fire, etc.) and they brought my lines to life with their lovely colors <3

These two have been inspired by two Greek gods, Artemis, goddess of hunt, woodland animals and moon, and Apollo, god of music, poetry and sun.
They usually are a unicorn and pegasus, but added also an alicorn form; my personal headcanon is that they would be fine as Celestia/Luna's assistants or something. Or the princesses may even be their aunts xD

Since they're planned to be siblings, bidding will be separated, but they'll have a special AutoBuy which will give you both of them c:

Moonshot (female)
SB: $10 / 1000
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