Yama : The God of Death Picture

Yama or Yamraj, who is believed to be the god of death in Hinduism. Yama is son of the sun, and brother of Shanidev. Yama is controller of all directions and lord of death. He is also mentioned as Dharma sometimes. Yudhishthira in Mahabharata, was son of Dharma, Dharmaraj, who was blessings of Yama. Yama is usually depicted with crown of buffalo horns since his mount is also a buffalo. Puranas and Rig Veda mentions Yama several times. Yama lives in his abode, called Naraka (Hell), and Chitragupta who keeps records of people's deeds on earth, is also mentioned several times with him. He has guards, known as Yamadoot. Sanjana is his mother, who is daughter of Vishwakarma (God of architecture).

I've depicted Yama as pretty traditional way, since he is not that popularly mentioned in scriptures. I've portrayed him with his weapon. He is playing with a fireball, which represents life that he usually takes. I've put burning sun in the background, which is certainly for the reason that Yama is son of the sun. And of course, his crown of buffalo horns.
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