LegenDex Entry No. 681 Picture


The Great Star Dragon King of Japan, and Leader of the Dragons of Heaven.

Ryuuseioh Lives high above the Earth, out in the Galaxy. He lives near the Sun, and frequently orbits it. Ryuuseioh is an ultimate good, and is unforgiving in it. Ryuuseioh is incredibly powerful, capable of blasting the raw power of the sun through his Ki energy out of his Mouth. Ryuuseioh is large enough to Eclipse the Sun.

Ryuuseioh leads the Dragons of Heaven against their enemies, the Dragons of the Earth, and one day, their forces will collide in an apocalyptic Battle. If Ryuuseioh, and his Dragons of the Heavens win this great War, then all of the Life on Earth will continue to survive and Prosper in an Era of great fortune and peace...if Ryuuseioh loses his battle against his Enemy, Daijinryuu and his Dragons of the Earth, Than all life is doomed to extinction, and the Earth will breathe anew, without man or beast kind...
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