Curse of the Spider Picture

“We gaze at the hole in the sky, a yawning gap where our sun should be
The endless night has hung for nearly ten years , and we suffer
Cursed we struggle on, cling to what remains of our humanity
We beg an plead for our light to return, but our cries go unanswered.

“There was a time when we bathed in light
Rejoicing in our smiling sun, and flourishing culture,
Then our doom was orchestrated in the deep places in the world,
And the thief emerged to gain his immortality

“The World spider traveled to where the sun sleeps
From the dead of night he appeared with his theft on his back
With his foul power he warped us into his image, and fled
Our world descended into darkness, and the world lamented

“The world spider clutches our sun, basking in the light he stole
Nestled deep within the bowels Arachnomelek laughs at us
In our dark world we fight twisted monsters for survival
Our voice cries for vengeance, for light.

This was the most fun I ever had with a school assignment, and the only thing aside from my sketchbook that I liked this entire semester for this class. We had to create a race, and create an origin myth for them. I figured a post-apocalyptic world was over-done, especially with the 2012 nonsense popping up left and right. At the same time I felt I would steal too much from other mythologies If I just borrowed from them. Instead I mixed the two.

I reused the old Spiderfolk design from Halloween last year, except I changed the anatomy around slightly, giving them an extra pair of legs. They are sexually dimorphic, with Females and Males having varied body types. My sketch-notes are far more involved than that, and I couldn’t successfully depict both genders given the requirements so I just stuck with the gender that was more finished. The hands at the bottom are male, though both genders weave. The scene is the spider stealing the sun at “night,” then cursing the people to be spider-people.

So yeah, i snuck a transformation into a school assignment

Final project for Drawing
Inkwash, Charcoal and White Conte, 24”x36”
Art, spiderfolk and the Arachnomelek are © to me.
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