Okami- fighting for it back Picture

The fresh smell of bamboo was in the air, I could fell the cool winter breeze against my face. The dense tress only allowed the smallest yet strongest sunlight to shine through. It seemed empty without it. I heard rustling of the bushes near me, abruptly I turned my head. I then saw it, the most beautiful wolf, it had the feelings of strong yet it seemed empty of sorts. I realised who it was, and yet couldn't believe it was true. It craned its head towards me, as if acknowledging. And then sprang away, as continuing its hunt for what it lost. Its life.
For those who don't know its Okami the Sun Goddess to Japanese mythology. She's missing her markings and Holy Instrument due to fatigue.

Although it looks traditional it is totally digital. awesome xD

A re-do of an old pic in ArtRage. Totally forgot about the original because I had my laptop wiped a while ago.

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