Bennu Picture

Like the sun god, the Benu's own birth is attributed to self generation. A mythological papyri of the 21st Dynasty provides a vignette of a heart-amulet and scarab beetle near to which stand the Benu, which is described as "the one who came into being by himself". It was believed to constantly rise renewed just like the sun, and was called the "lord of jubilees". The Benu Bird was said to each morning appear under the form of the rising sun, and was supposed to shine upon the world from the top of the famous persea tree in Heliopolis wherein he renewed himself.

My current mythological kick is the Bennu bird, or Egyptian Phoenix, and I have been drawing Bennu/Jackal gryphons excessively. This is partially attributed to NEW PRISMACOLOR COLOURED PENCILS. HOORAY! I love them and they are amazing.

In not so happy news, my version of photoshop is being made of FAIL. It crashes on anything over about 40 MB. Most of my files are around the 100-120 MB range before I flatten and resize them. WOE.
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