Sons of the Darkness Picture


I. this is for the "All the Colors Contest" by
II. This is a bit long so sight tight, cause is quite interesting.
Some of the sons of the darkness... were Eter and
Hemera, son and daughter of Nix, the Goddess of Night, which means dark. The greek mythology said; ... there was a time that earth does not exist, only the composition of the 4 elements which are; water, air, earth and sky...
This time was owned by Khaos which refers to the unpredictability or the primal emptiness...
*Nix had more childs but I choosed this two, cause they fit with the color that I pickd, which is blue, applied to air and sky. Not water.

Hemera was the female personification of DAY and the female counterpart of her brother and consort, Eter. Eter was the personification of the upper sky, SPACE AND HEAVEN, and the elemental god of the bright, Upper Air, which it was only for the goddess and not for humans.

The Eter was the soul of Earth, and every life comes from him. Nix , always was surrounded by the fogs of Erebos(another son of her) and her darkness, she always (lets say, "lived cutting") the light and life of the Eter. So there is when Hemera always shows up, she always was clearing the darkness with her beautiful light and bringing the "Daylight" with her.

So, one of the reasons of my piece; as the mythology said, the first representation of a goddess like human was Gea, Gaia which was the personification of the Earth and also... the daughter of Eter and Hemera... when they get together after their parents "kingdom". *So I thought, why not making a human representation of the parents of mother earth? I think is just nice...
Another reason is that, the purpose of this two lovers(as judges
III. What I tried to show here is an scene of the greek mythology from two of the primordial goddess on the protogenoi history.

I wanted to recreate that moment or that scene when The Eter is looking at her sister helping him to preserve the light from the darkness of their own mother...

I suggest you to do a bit of research cause I missed alot of things here... thanks for reading. So NOW!


1. Models, by 2. Brushes
Moon and some Stars, by - Other Stars, by - Golden Sun, by 3. Forest,
4. The rest, ME

*p.s. This piece took me a lot of work cuz I didnt knew how to show my concept, PLEASE ENJOY! AND MANY THANKS FOR THE OTHER DEVIANTS FOR SHARING THEIR TOOLS AND RESOURCES.
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