Okami New Year - Year of Mouse Picture

It's almost the time of the year again and this year the little rodent walks into the big spotlight of 2008 (I am doing this according to the Lunar Calendar, aka the Old Calendar for the Chinese). Since I couldn't think of something witty between Amaterasu and Tachigami (da mouse), i decided to do a parody of the game cover and having Tachigami holding a cheese cutter instead of sword. I also replace the sun with every self-respecting rodent's favorite snack - cheese!

For those of you haven't figure out yet, the gods who shows Ammy the moves and Ammy herself, they (13 of them) are the animals from a Chinese mythology. This story is the origin of the Chinese Zodiacs and the Cat was in the story too. Since the Mouse tricked the Cat and having the Cat lagging behind (falling out of the first 12), they became the mortal enemy. (I kinda forgot the finer detail of the story, plz correct me if I am wrong)

You know who's behind this great game so there's no need for me to explain! Too bad Clover disbanded, I really like to see more Ammy's adventures and more of Issun's wise cracking.

*Artist's note: In Chinese/Mandarin, rodents are general pronounced with "shu", hence mouse and rat are generally being used here as Year of ***. And squirrel as "song shu". Anyway, you get the idea.
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