Middle-earth world map Picture

I am a map freak.
Writing in Middle-earth, I need to know exactly where my characters are.

The map template here is from the MERP modules, published by Iron Crown Enterprises, of which I had a few in the late 80's.
Some of the lands in the south, such as Tanith, are taken from the Lindëfirion site.
who allow their maps to be used if one gives credit, and links, others I invented myself. Obviously those places created and named by Tolkien, belong to him.

Middle-earth is supposed to be our primary world 10,000 plus years ago, (perhaps much further back) before cataclysms changed the shape of the landmasses, therefore, the Harad, (the south) is proto-Africa, Cathaia and Far Cathaia are proto-China, Lands of the Broekn Moon Japan, Kingdoms of the Cloud Forests proto-India, etc.

There are other maps around which show where the US would be, it's already extant, but just not shown on this map. I believe it's the continent referred to as the Burned Lands of the Sun, because in Tolkien's mythology, the sun came into the world directly over it, and scorched it, although later it became the more diverse and beautiful country of later Ages. Australia is likewise not shown, but I think that to be on other maps as Hyarmenor, in the South.

Tolkien himself never seems to have named or mapped much further east of Mordor or south of Umbar, so it is up to fanfic-writers and map-makers to use their imagination beyond those regions.

In the Dark Prince verse, this map dates from the book Dark Blood onward, when Aragorn is king of Gondor and Arnor, and Vanimórë makes himself God-Emperor of the South.
The returned Noldor live in New Cuiviénen, to the far east, and later Lindon, in the north-west.
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