Eos - Aurora Picture

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Eos or Aurora, was the personification of dawn to the ancient Greeks and Romans.
Eos is the daughter of the Titans Hyperion (Sunlight) and Theia (moon light), and sister of Helios (the Sun) and Selene (Moon), Eos as the entity met every morning announcing the departure of his brother Helios the world with the first rays of dawn that came straight from the underworld, for it was known widely as goddess of the Dawn and the lights of the aurora, which is why it was often confused with Hemera (goddess of day).
Eos was a very beautiful goddess her beauty was so great and supernatural became a torment for the same Aphrodite, which found Eos and Ares in bed, it was known that I had feelings of love Aphrodite by Ares.
The Loves of Eos were varied, their love was the Titan Orion but it was not reciprocated, but also had affairs with Cephalus, Cleitus, Ganymede, and Tithonus Helios. Although eventually married Astraeus (God of the stars and constellations), which gave a huge offspring, which included all the stars in the sky, and the four winds of the world.

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Goddess Eos is a very carefree and cheerful, her personality is bright and warm, that does not mean things will amount may care much something and the next second matter else, not stable, she is very aware of her beauty and Aphrodite knows hates her for this, Eos which seems very funny as many of Aphrodite's lovers flock to Eos when they can not take the bad character of the goddess of love, including the god Ares., that no Eos means that her husband does not want Astraeus, actually loves him too it is the only mortal or immortal man who has noticed her beyond her outer beauty.
It is very close to her brothers Selene and Helios, and is a great friend of the goddess Hemera they share similar work, sometimes even one can cover each other in their duties.

Eos is a goddess, is able to live and be young forever, has divine powers and its main ability is the creation of light.
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