Atoa Dex Rraicara Picture

Name: Rraicara
Type: Flying/Fire
Ability: Reflector/Flash Fire
Gender: Male and Female
Species: Sun Bird Pokemon
Entry: This Pokemon is said to bear the fire of the sun itself, and its body emits a bright light when healthy. The golden armor it wears keeps its flames under control. When angry, however, the segmented armor on its helmet, wings, and toes will split and release flames capable of melting diamonds. Many people see wild Anulpture and Rraicara battling each other.
Hp Stat: 3/5
Atk. Stat: 4/5
Def. Stat: 2/5
Spc. Atk. Stat: 4/5
Spc. Def. Stat: 2/5
Speed: 2/5
Possible Moves: Flare Blitz, Sky Attack, Flash Cannon, Iron Defense, Sunny Day, Roost
Evolves From: [link] (Rradgling) with use of a Sun Stone

It's a big birdie! A big, fiery armored birdie capable of doing a lot of damage if you get it mad... It's the evolution to Rradgling, and, like before, it's based on Egyptian mythology. Of course, it's typing isn't the best... but it's got power to spare. Question is, who's that other Pokemon mentioned in the Pokedex...? Anyways, I don't own Pokemon, but I did create this guy. I hope you like the pic!
EDIT: Changed the kind of stone needed for its evolution. Sun Stone makes more sense, and... Well, you'll see another reason why sooner or later.
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