Princess Collage -staroflight- Picture

(still needs to practice with her markers) Another Character collage like the one before. This one features the princesses from another story of mine, The Rainbow Legend: Star of Light. This one was also refenced from one of Naoko Takeuchi's works. Oh and the symbol above them is their element in Kanji.

(from left to Right)

Name:Pinkuredi, Princess of Light
Speciality Item:The Star of Light
Artist Comments:I still enjoy drawing her alot. I'm not too happy about how her background turned out though...

Name:Aoi, Princess of Water
Speciality Item:The Wings of the Sea
Artist Comments:She turned out alright. I'm not sure about that hand though. I did an excellent job on the profile head.

Name:Akai, Princess of Fire
Speciality Item:Lens of Fire- Trying to think of a better name for it. It's suppose to be a maginifying glass.
Artist Comments:eh, I don't draw the versions of this character as often as I should. The head looks way too big.

Name:Midori, Princess of Nature
Speciality Item:The Flower of Nature
Artist Comments:She turned out good. I could of done better on the background with the petals and such.

Name:Hassaku, Princess of Earth (Earth as in rock and ground, not the planet. She creates earthquakes when mad)
Speciality Item:The Eye of the Desert
Artist Comments:(She got the Egyptain theme this time ^_^ ) I think I did a good job on her. Her Dark skin kinda blends into the background though.

Name:Lady Gosai
Speciality Item:Sun of the East
Artist Comments:Not nessarily a princess, Gosai is introduced in the Second Part of the story which I actually added other anime characters into. Her Element is actually wind.

Name:Lady Christine
Speciality Item:The Heart of Love
Artist Comments:Christine is also from the second part, and is from the Northern Kingdom of Greece. She is the last of her noble family, secret keepers of the Doorway of the Gods (which FYI actually has nothing to do with Greek Mythology, but with my favorate anime whose characters relate to things named after the Roman gods, hint hint.)

Name:Kuroi, Princess of Darkness
Speciality Item:The Moon of the Night
Artist Comments:Dood, she just rocks. I can't believe the awsome job I did on her. Makes me want to draw her more.

Name:Naiya, Princess of Ice
Speciality Item:The Tear of Winter
Artist Comments:Gah, I didn't do such a hot job on her as I had liked. Her messed up head kinda ruined it x.x
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