Aurora Picture


Sunrise in the forest, watching the light break through the trees until it warms her face, with her sleepy, loyal friend at her side. You decide if she is sleeping or waking.

Created for *mizzd-stocks Fox Companions

I made a few versions of this by playing with colours and curves, and got the effect of different times of day in the forest. Ill upload the others to scraps .I had 4 to choose from, wouldnt you know it, I chose the FIRST version, but its warm so its my favourite.

View the Aurora variations here [link]

Aurora: definitions
1 Goddess of dawn in Roman Mythology
2 A luminous atmospheric phenomenon appearing as streamers or bands of light sometimes visible in the night sky in northern or southern regions of the earth. It is thought to be caused by charged particles from the sun entering the earth's magnetic field and stimulating molecules in the atmosphere.
3 The dawn.

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