Natrix natrix Picture

This is the most adorable creature you can find here.
Seriously though.
It's so cute 8D
I kept him in my hands for a while and he's almost totally cool with that.
Anyway, this creature has a place in our mythology, which is pretty cool. There's a long article on wiki in my language, but I'm just gonna quote the shorter english version-
"Žaltys (literally: grass snake) is a household spirit in the Lithuanian mythology. As sacred animal of the sun goddess Saulė, it is a guardian of the home and a symbol of fertility. People used to keep it as a pet by the stove or other special area of the house, believing that it would bring good harvest and wealth. Killing žaltys was said to bring great misfortunes upon the household. If žaltys was found in the field, people gave it milk attempting to befriend the creature and make it a sacred household pet."
We also have a popular tale which involves it, you can read about it here…
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