Spacium- Space Picture

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Time to explain what is going on before I have a spaz attack~
Ok i'm really into space and astronomy, so I decided to do a space related picture with my Fcs!~ I was also inspired by planet mythology : D
-Lily is on the left- She has moon powers
Luna is the latin word for moon!
- Stella the fox is in the middle - She has star powers
Sidus is the latin word for star!
- Soli ( This is Sunny the cat btw but I changed her name : D) is on the right-- She has sun powers
Sol means sun!
And spacium means space c:

If I got any latin words wrong please tell me xD;
I have no clue what to call their outfits... traditional outfits maybe? ;w;

isdgadoisa So proud of this so much ;___; This took like umm almost 3 weeks? yesIknowI'mslowOTL I'm just so proud of my self ;w;
I don't like some parts of this though, shaded a bit weird D:
Oh wellll~
Enjoy guys!~ <3
Lily, Stella, and Soli belongs to (c) Me
Drawing belongs to (c) Me
I do not own some of the brushes used in here! ( like the space brush and etc)
If you want me to show the picture without the GIMP effects, just tell me and I'll link it here : D
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