Brachioprankster Picture

Summer finally ended a few weeks ago, and Halloween, meanwhile, is just a few weeks away. There’s something about that time interval between the Fall Equinox and October 31st, something about that time interval that can make a deviant like me draw something…a lil’ something that one can describe as a mix between exotic and normal, a blending of far east mythology and east coast “fun-in-the-sun” at night, a fusion between monstrous and beautiful, a merging of the mischievous with the pleasing.

Still don’t quite know what I’m talking about? Over the past few nights, I’ve viewed quite a few deviations on DA featuring people with stretchy/elongated necks. And a number of them were about a mythical Japanese vampire-like monster, Rokuro-Kubi, with a tremendously stretchy/elongated neck. My OC, Jessica Delagua (pictured above in her summer bikini), loves morphing into these mythical beings; Jessica, in fact, loves reading and learning about mythology and knows a lot about it, from Salvadoran mythology to myths from halfway around the world (including the Japanese Rokuro-Kubi) and virtually everything in between.

…Oh, and here’s another reason Jessica likes the Rokuro-Kubi: these long-necked creatures, more often than not, love to cause mischief at night, and of course such trickery and midnight pranks are just the things that Jessica loves to do.

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