Ragnarok Picture

During Ragnarök, the giant herdsman Eggthér cheerfully plays his harp while the three roosters crow to the world. The first, a crimson rooster named Fjalar, crows in the forest Gálgviðr. The second, a golden rooster named Gullinkambi, crows to the gods in Valhalla. The third, unnamed soot-red rooster, crows in the halls of Hel. The world tree Yggdrasil shudders and groans while humanity is sent into a state of chaos. Odin dies while fighting the monstrous wolf Fenrir while Thor attacks Jörmungandr. People flee their homes while the sun becomes black and the earth sinks into the sea, the stars vanish, steam rises, and flames touch the heavens.


This is my representation of Ragnarök, the end of the world in Norse mythology. Here you can see the black sun, the flames reaching towards the sky, and the sea that has swallowed the earth. It's really the first meaningful thing I've ever drawn, and I'm really proud at how well it turned out. The flames were supposed to cross each other, and the lines are supposed to be rough to show the confusion of the end.
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