#112 DAISHERA Picture

The Macrocosm Pokémon

Type: Grass/Dragon
Ability: Natural Cure (Regenerator)
Info: According to mythology, it used its tails to piece together the world. It went into hiding after Taiyorb and Sakurro's war scarred the natural world.


SYNERGISE (Grass/Status)
PWR: -- / ACC: --
Info: The user brings together its power, raising its Defence, Special Attack and Special Defence.

STATS: 140/95/135/95/135/80


Daishera is meant to play the role of Izanagi in Tenjoh mythology. In Shinto Mythology, Izanagi birthed the gods of the Sun, Moon and Storms. In Tenjoh mythology, Daishera created the world and sculpted nature, and then created Taiyorb and Sakurro in order to bring balance to nature (their connection to Neptsuror is never explicitly stated).

Taiyorb and Sakurro initially worked in harmony, until they started a war over day and night. This war incited unnatural cycles of light, darkness, heat and cold to the world, almost ruining the nature Daishera created. Taiyorb and Sakurro's fighting was stopped by the will of nature for harmony, both turned into soulless statues and sealed in the Celestial Palace. Daishera went into hiding after this, never to be woken up until two beings of pure hearts could replace the void left by Taiyorb and Sakurro.

Daishera may be encountered post-game, where the player will have access to a new island north of Tenjoh. In a small forest village on the island, the player meets Valencia looking at a monument dedicated to Daishera. Detecting your presence, Daishera creates a portal allowing you into Daishera's Paradise, a hidden world with towering plants. After adventuring around for a little while, you may find and battle Daishera.

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