[2017] Kanoko reference sheet Picture

Name: Kanoko
AKA: Kano
Gender: Female
Age: 267 years old
Nationality: Japanese
Species: Nekomata
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: Always with a smirk on her face, like there's a joke to laugh at, usually makes fun of people but then apologizes even if it still looks like another derision. Immature as hell, even with her age. Prejudiced, easily jealous. Used to get in troubles. Sometimes rude, totally NOT careful. Usually encroaches other's personal space.
Likes: Cold weather, snow, night, meat, milk, winter, bunnies.
Dislikes: Hot weather, summer, sun, moths, bugs generally, water, technology.
Hobbies: Scaring people, watching love drama.
A 267 spirit that works reaping the souls of those who are about to die. She was born as a normal cat but according to Japanese mythology, when a cat hits 100 years old it becomes a Nekomata. She's been 167 years old working as a reaper, and hates to talk about the friends she made but had to see them die. Usually walks around the cementeries, most of the time just sitting there with her schyte just to laugh at scared people.
Character and art - ©Winged-Scream

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