Three firebirds in a tree Picture

The first sketch in my new Sketchbook because I have completely filled up my old sketchbook that I started last summer. Now too begin a whole new year+ of brand new sketches, YAY!
I was originally going to draw these three as three separate pictures, but then I decided to take down three firebirds with one stone and draw them all in one picture, IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE! This why you can also compare the three of them easily.
I wanted to show the three different cultural depictions of the Phoenix from Greek, Egyptian, and Chinese mythology.
The Greek Phoenix who is simply called a Phoenix is depicted looking mostly like a bird of prey, like a hawk or a falcon with a crest on it's head and a long tail feathers
The Chinese Phoenix or Fenghuang (凤凰) as it's traditionally called in Chinese is depicted looking more like a cross between a rooster and a peacock with long extravagant tail feathers like a peacock, and a rooster like crest. The fenghuang is also called the "August Rooster" since it sometimes takes the place of the Rooster in the Chinese zodiacs. The Fenghuang is said to reign over all other birds and is paired with the Chinese Dragon as it's Yin counterpart. As the Dragon symbolizes the Emperor, the Fenghuang symbolizes the Empress.
The Egyptian Phoenix or Bennu Bird is depicted looking like a Heron or Crane with a long beak and long legs. The Bennu bird is more associated with the sun than fire itself, and in Egyptian mythology supposedly created itself in the beginning of time, and played some role in the creation of the world. As the phoenix do, i
t was also a symbol of rebirth and was probably worshipped in their cult center at Heliopolis, often depicted on funerary amulets.
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