Phoenix Goddess - Sailor Suzaku Picture

Bridgette Flint
‘Strength of the Fire Goddess’
Bridgette – French spelling of ‘Bridget’. Derived from the Irish name Brighid, meaning 'the high one' or 'strength.' Brighid was a mythological Celtic goddess of fire and poetry.
Flint – Flint stone produces a spark of fire when struck by steel.
Age: 17
Birthday: August 18th
Zodiac: Leo
Birthplace: Pennsylvania, America
Nationality: American
Symbolic Animal: Phoenix
Primary Realm: Fire
Secondary Realm: Time
Weapon: Fan
Specialty: Attack

Sailor Suzaku is one of the Goddess Senshi, who are the protectors of Sailor Sun. She lives and fights evil in America with the rest of the Goddess Senshi - Sailor Seiryu, Sailor Genbu, and Sailor Byakko.

Sailor Suzaku is the Red Phoenix Goddess of Fire, giving her the powers of fire and heat, as well as a special power of healing. Her Planetary counterparts are Mars and Pluto.

Since the phoenix can be reborn from its ashes when it dies, Sailor Suzaku can't be killed in her senshi form. There are exceptions to this however, such as if her Star Seed were to be stolen.

Sailor Suzaku © AngelOfBeauty88
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