Scoprion Picture

The scorpion tattoo on Anjulie's hip, [link] .

The Scorpion was the begining of it, to which I did a little research. And I took bits from some mythologies.

From what I read-

Scorpions are reminders of death, and in Egyptian mythology they were representatives of Seth, the Trickster. There is also a tale where Seth has locked up Isis and gives seven scorpions to serve as bodyguards in a circle around her, the names are what's written on the little circle under the scorpion.

The sun is there because I thought 'sun down' in relation to all those darker themed things I guess.

Nothing too much to read into, just a characters tattoo design.

If you would like to use this or base something off of this please ask my permission first. This is NOT free to use.
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