Leda Picture

Created in just 7 days


(8ftx4ft Acrylic on board) 2011

This piece concerns the Greek Myth in which the almighty & lustful Zeus transforms into a Swan and forces Sex upon the Leda, Queen of Sparta, after also making love to her husband earlier she eventually gives birth to two eggs both containing two twins. Greek Mythology has always interested me, the drama and fantasy captured my attention particularly with this story, the artwork & controversy added to the fascination.

This Work though offers a different story, a story in which the woman is the power, refusing to be subordinate, used and abused; while contrasting to the art work normally created under the subject- ‘rape’ this work celebrates a success, the beauty of a woman who will not be tamed, not even by the God of Gods.

In my work I like to portray women, not as objects for men sexual pleasure, but for men to gaze at in jealousy, as the women I create are characters on paper or canvas and they will never have them. Lines are marks cannot be sex objects; they are just an aesthetic tease.
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