Wheeeeeeeeee Picture

Mostly-assed English project GOOOO!

It's suppoused to be Hephatuses being thrown off a cliff by Zeus and Hera. 'Cause he's an ugly baby. And he has no neck.
No, no, that wasn't me being lazy on anatomy. Hephatuses has no neck. Really. *nodnod*
I would have gotten an A on this, 'cept it was laaaaate.
So I lost 30%, which is a high B, I think, so yeah. Yay.
Yay Greek mythology. I already know half of what we're learning.

We were learning about the battle of Troy today, and Sparta came up, and to show us just how scary Spartains were, my teacher showed us a clip of 300.
That clip.
Aw man, I laughed so hard. Damn you, 4Chan!
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