Athena Sentry Picture

I can't think of a better title. The full body pose of Athena makes me think that she's a sentry on guard duty. The scanner I used is a complete piece .... I'm still currently without the regular use of a computer for at least another 2 weeks, so I will not be able to use my Kodak Scanner which does a much better job at not bleaching out colors. Hopefully then I'll have a better quality scan of her later when I get my computer running again. I'm still without a functioning operating system for my computer, so I have to barrow this computer that has crappy scanner. All in all this is probably about 5 days worth of work start to finish while between breaks and lunches at while I was at work.

I might just get a new computer when my income taxes come in.

© 2014 By: Deorse (Steven Waller)
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