Labyrinth Minotaurs Picture

Meet the Deadly Alliance from Crete, Labyrinth Minotaurs.

Minotaurs are so cool in Dragonlance version when I watched on the internet before it changed and this is one of them. I played the SNES game called the King of Dragons on my computer long time ago; that's what you need an emulator for this or you can find somewhere on browser if you're looking for free retro-game but enough with unnecessary explanation. Let's talk about my artwork.

Long ago before I joined deviantArt, I've drawn this team of mighty minotaurs. I didn't know about the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur until now. In concept, I named the leader "Tirus", the team was once called 9 Kreta Zero and the rest are fully modeled after the Minotaur boss from the King of Dragons but I changed his name as Thaureus (a name mixed with minotaur and Theseus) and renamed the team and then I've updated characters from what I found from the internet and on deviantArt. For example, the female named Tarana is modeled after chochi's artwork sketch of female Minotaur and WolfLSI's minotaur barbarian while the other two minotaurs are what I found from Google Search images are modeled for Dragtaur and Kauronos.

Enjoy my artwork.
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