Heracles Picture

Heracles (or "Hercules" in Rome) was known for his twelve labours, one of which was slaying the Nemean Lion, and then using its head as a helmet. But Heracles didn't follow the other Argonauts to their destination. Arriving in Mysia, he had to abandon the expedition to rescue Hylas, who was kidnapped by the nymphs.

Jason by LeoDeMoura, Sep 12, 2013 in Digital Art > Drawings & Paintings > People > Fantasy" data-super-img="http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2014/057/e/e/glorious_jason_by_leodemoura-d6lzz11.jpg" data-super-width="900" data-super-height="646" data-super-transparent="false">
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