Mothers of Legends Picture

So I was was researching the characters of the Trojan War and got interested in what happened before the Trojan War. So I ended up looking at the families of Odysseus, Penelope, Helen and Clytemnestra, Menelaus and Agamemnon. Honestly, these people had some pretty interesting families even before they married their spouses and got wrapped up in their most well-known exploits. So I decided to do my rendition of their mothers. From left to right-Periboea, Leda, Aerope, and Anticlea. They were the mothers of Penelope, Helen and Clytemnestra, Menelaus and Agamemnon, and Odysseus. I tried to give each of them a unique look and feel to them. Periboea I tried to give a conservative, modest look, somewhat serene and calm. Penelope inherited her looks and cleverness. Leda, though beautiful, I tried to give her a look of incredible haughtiness as she thinks she is too good for her husband and too good for the harshness of Sparta. She isolated Helen and emphasized how she was the child of a god and better than any mortal, which does not benefit Helen at all and only cuts her off from her sister, Clytemnestra and her cousin. Aerope is meant to look pensive and guilty, having been unfaithful to her husband and unintentionally instigating a war that took her husband off the throne and her sons into exile, fleeing to Sparta. Agamemnon despises her for betraying their father, Menelaus just wants to regain his family's power and respect by marrying Helen. And finally, Anticlea, mother of Odysseus. The beautiful daughter of a thief, and granddaughter to Hermes himself, I'm guessing I have an idea where Odysseus's cunning came from.
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