Weapon of Revenge Picture

Just something I drew up quickly today. This is one of the Blades of Chaos/Athena from the video game series God of War.

God of war is my favorite video game series of all time! To be truthful, God of War was the first M rated game I ever played, and I rented it when it came out (and eventually bought it because I just needed to own it!). And I didn't play M rated games before, not because my parents didn't let me, but because I sort of gave myself a limiter due to my age. Self regulating. Don't ask why, it just didn't feel appropriate to me at 13 to play M rated games. And I knew that as far as M rating goes, God of War takes the cake! It has, blood, gore, nudity, everything except "foul" language, which is a good thing, they don't even need them to make the dialog better! Its awesome as it is! Many would probably say that God of War caters to the most basic of instincts, in the predominatly male industry, but its so much more than that. There is a three way sex minigame in every game I've played so far, even the PSP one lol.

Underneath all of it is one of the most thrilling stories I have ever read in books or seen on screen. When you first pick up the game, Kratos seems to be nothing more than a bloodthirsty savage. But as you play through, you learn the reason for his madness, and that even he can be cast the light of sympathy upon.

Spoilers to follow: Once a general of the mighty Spartan army, Kratos began with only a handful of men, then with each victory proving his tactfullness in the art of war his numbers grew to the thousands! It is until one day which his army is out numbered by barbarians that Kratos is to find himself on the end of a killing blow. Before it can be struck, Kratos makes a deal he would come to regret wholeheartdly. Pledging his life to Ares for destroying his enemies, Ares gives Kratos the Blades of Chaos, with thier mighty chains that burn to Kratos' very skin, they give Kratos the power to destroy all who stand before him. Doing the bidding of the God of War Ares, Kratos kills his wife and child. And cursed by a village oracle he is forced to wear the ashes of his family, and suffer the nightmares he has wrought upon himself. For 10 years, 10 long years Kratos does the bidding of the gods, with the promise they will rid him of the visions that haunt him so. His final task is to take the life of Ares for his atrocities he is wreaking on the mortal world and his quarrels with fellow gods, with the promise that he will be freed. To Kratos, this isn't just a final deed, it is a chance for revenge and redemption! He sets out to the temple of Pandora which rest upon the back of the mighty titan Cronos, to recover Pandora's box, for within is the power to slay a god! And just when he has finished the myriad of puzzles, tests, and denizens that lurk within the temple, even finding the writings of the architect who drove himself mad trying to please the gods by making the temple impossible to get through, even beginning to hate the very gods he had set out to prove his very devotion to. Kratos finally pushes the box to the entrance, only to be thwarted by an act Ares that kills the mighty Spartan. Refusing to die, Kratos crawls his way out of the Underworld to reclaim the box and use it against Ares. A battle ensues in which Kratos is pulled into an alternate dimension by Ares that reunites him with false versions of his family. Sending out Dopplegangers of Kratos to destroy them, Kratos defeating them all, not allowing Ares to take them again! But it is all in vain as Ares reclaims the Blades of Chaos and slaughters Kratos' family once again. Hopeless, Kratos kneals to except his fate at the hands of Ares, but by a stroke of luck Kratos finds a giant blade that of which he used earlier as a bridge, with this giant sword, Kratos kills Ares who reminds Kratos what he did for him, how he made him strong. But Kratos says he will never foreget what he did that day and delivers the final blow. Ending the God of War's life. Kratos questions Athena why the nightmares do not cease, she states that the gods hve forgiven his sins, but will never clear him of his bast because noone can forget what he has done. Driven to suicide, Kratos cast himself off a cliff, only to be saved by Athena, to be made the new God of War. A somewhat sad end, to this tale, an immortality of nightmares would truly be terrible. But it would not end here.......

God of War 2 is AWESOME! If not as good as the first, then better! Whilist the original had 3 bosses (Hydra, Pandora's Gaurdian, and Ares), God of war contains about 4 times as much! Bosses are my favorite part of any video game.

More Spoilers: As the new God of War, Kratos was shunned by his fellow gods, for his only escape from the nightmares they had refused to free him from was on the plains of battle. Leading his Spartan army to conquer city after city. Athena warns Kratos that the gods are growing angry with him, and to not forget what she had done for him. Kratos says he owes her nothing. When Kratos lands to destroy what is left of Rhodes, and eagle lands upon him, draining him of his power and placing it within the colossus of Rhodes. Mid battle with the colossus, Kratos is offered the mighty Blade of Olympus, the weapon which ended the great tiatn-god war. By draining what is left of his godly power into the blade and using it to defeat the beast, Kratos had been rendered mortal and on the verge of death. To have any hope of surving, Kratos would have to retrieve the blade, just several feet in front of him. But before he can reach it, the eagle reveals itself to be Zeus. The mighty king of Olympus. Kratos refuses to forever serve him. Leading Zeus to kill the greatly weakend warrior. and send out a wave of energy that destroys much of the Spartan army. Kratos remarks that he will pay for it, and to be certain of that. As Kratos is being dragged into Hades, he is contacted within his mind byt the great titan Gaia, mother of earth. Telling him that the only way to destroy Zeus is to seek out the Sisters of Fate and change his fate by returning to the moment in time when Zeus betrayed him. After climbing out of Hades, Kratos tells one of the last remaining soldiers to return to Sparta and protect it. Kratos journeys to Mount Etna, where Typhon slumbers, here he frees Prometheus from his eternal torment, for his only crime was giving fire to mortals, and gains his ashes as a new strength known as "The Rage of the Titans" which engulfs him in flames and provides a great boost in power. He then travels to the Island of Creation where the sister weave the threads of all life. While here he meets up with Theseus (I find it a little bit ironic he can summon minotaurs lol), Perseus, the Argonauts (sorta, most of em are dead...) from whom he gains the Golden Fleece which can reflect any blow back at whomever throws it! And many other beasts. He also obtains the Amulet of the Fates which allows him to temporarily slow down time. A long the way, while in a fight with Icarus, he gains his wings and falls through the bottom of the world, meeting up with Atlus whom Kratos chained there. Within the temple of the Fates, Kratos faces many more trials, frees a Pheonix and meets up with the man whom he had told to return to Sparta, the fallen warrior tells him that Zeus came in the dead of night and destoryed Kratos' beloved city. Crawling up from the abyss, the Kraken blocks Kratos path who has pretty much given up, demanding that Zeus face him immediatly and believing that he can not change his fate. The Kraken scoops him up and attempts to crush him in one of it's mighty tentacles! It is then that Kratos recieves another vision from Gaia, whom appears as his dead wife. She grants him the flames that burned his city to strengthen his rage of the Titans power. Kratos uses the very body of the fallen Spartan to aid him in the battle with the Kraken which he is victorious. Harnessing the pheonix, Kratos rides it into the temple that holds the loom, and the key to changing his destiny. It is here that Kratos fights Lahkesis, and then Atropos who takes him through a mirror into his past when he fought Ares, the battle takes place on the very sword which Kratos used to slay Ares! Kratos sufficiently weakens Atropos and this returns them to the temple in which he faces both Lahkeksis and Atropos. Eventually trapping them both in a mirror and smashing it to bits, Kratos succesfully defeats the first 2 sisters of fate. Making his way to the Loom Chamber, Kratos quickly deals with Clotho, she who weaves the thread. She tells Kratos not to mess with his destiny for he will destroy everything! Not heading her warnings Kratos finds his thread and returns to the time that Zeus betrayed him! He faces Zeus with his newfound abilities and the reaquired Blade of Olympus. A lengthy battle ensues until Kratos lays down his arms in defeat in exchange for Zeus to end his torment. Zeus excepts, telling him his sufferring is only just begining. It is at the last second that Kratos flips around and turns on Zeus! Nailing him to a sacrificial alter with his Blades of Athena and driving the Blade of Olympus through him! But before he can do away with Zeus once and for all, Athena intervenes, saying she will protect Olympus. Staggering away, Kratos strike is blocked by Athena, sacrificing her life for Zeus. It is with her dying breaths that Athena tells him that god after god will deny him, that they will protect Zeus, for Zeus must live so Olympus will prevail. And that Zeus, is really Kratos' father! Refusing to except it, Kratos says he is tired of living in the shadow of the gods! So he returns to the Loom Chamber which is falling apart, he returns to the Great War and transports Gaia and the rest of the titans to his time. Zeus is stating that the gods have faced far worse and Olympus will prevail. The very mountain shakes as the gods rush to see what is causing it..... It is the Titans crawling up the side of Olympus! Kratos proclaims that Zeus' son has returned and he brings the destruction of Olympus! The game ends with a prophetic warning "The End Begins............"

Spoilers over.

I have also the PSP game, Chains of Olympus. Which details how Kratos chained Atlus to the bottom of the world and how Kratos Spoiler: defeated the demigoddess Persephone.

The entire reason I joined Playstation Underground before it was merged with the general Playstation website was to get a CHANCE at getting a copy of the demo of this game. And ya know what? My luck finally payed off as I got the "Battle of Attica Demo" and a free PSP lanyard with the Omega symbol on it! Which is the symbol that helps represent the series.

Chains of Olypmus is just about as awesome as the rest of the series. It includes one of the most heart-wrenching moments in video game history. Which unlike people who cry about Areis dieing in Final Fantasy (ABSOLUTELY DO NOT CARE FOR TURN BASED GAMES! Only exception is Digimon World games), this expierence is actually in game, and not just a cut scene. Spoiler: It is when Kratos must give up ever seeing his daughter ever again, and you must tap circle to get her off of hugging your leg to keep her dad from leaving her again, it is just as hard for her as it is for him. For if he leaves, she will live but he'll never see her again, if he stays they will both die and he will really lose her forever. I actually cried at how sad that was. Before you say Kratos is just some heartless brute, play through that.

Spoilers end.

Aside from being brutal and powerful, Kratos is also a thinker, if he was just some idiot out to hurt people and break stuff, he would never be able to solve all the puzzles within the series, which really require you to think sometimes.

I have just played through God of War 2 in Titan Mode (VERY Hard), in the last game it only went as high as god mode (Hard). It was a real pain to get through, but I really wanted to unlock everything. And with that I did. For the games are chock full of extra cool unlockables, such as costumes, making of (The second included an extra DVD just for this) and plenty of other goodies to make the replay a little more worthwhile. You can go through the game again with all your upgrades if you wish. I did this in preperation for God of War 3. Which is one of the biggest reasons I even have a PS3.

Unfortunately, I don't think my phone is compatible with God of War: Betrayel. The phone game, which I heard was the best game to be had a cell phone. And it's not even "Watered Down" like you'd expect it to be. I played a demo on my computer of it and it was awesome! Grrr..... I still want it though.

I also have a God of War Kratos figure from Neca, it comes with the blades of chaos. If I had another I can interchange pieces. But I don't, still want to get the rest though.

I can't wait for God of War 3! It looks to be awesome! The most recent footage shown is 30-40% less detailed as to what they are showing at Sony staff meetings! And from what I've seen, that can give you an estimate that the final product will be breathtaking! Since the series is represented by an Omega symbol, and that many characters warn you about the end, it is safe to assume that Kratos will cause some sort of awesome armageddon. The god's days are numbered.......

God of War is (c) Sony
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