Charge of the Medes Picture

It seems strange that there isn't a History section in Deviantart, so I had to place this into "miscellaneous" as it contains no mythology to put it in Fantasy, and it is not a portrait, so it is not in People.

This is, of course, Thermopylae, the Hot Gates, the big Greek-Persian battle that truly pissed King Xerxes off. The Greeks there are the Spartans, Helots (slaves), Thespians and Thebans. The Helots are are in the background, as they had the largest (and cheapest) army. The few Spartans hold off the Persian Medes as King Leonidas (he's on a horse, he wasn't really on a horse but hey) watches on.

Generally it is accurate for the most part, I suppose. However, much of it has been changed to fit the picture and how I prefered it. For example, Xerxes is riding a horse, rather than sitting on his gold throne.

I've added a list of inaccuracies I noticed and can reflect on since doing personal Classical studies, the first is that there were no horses at Thermopylae, as the area wasn't wide enough to allow them to ride; there are no nose guards on the Corinthian and Chalcidian helmets worn by the Hellenes, which was kind of a trademark for that type of helmet; the Helots have what I believe is actually an Attic shield design; the hoplons are all way too small; the Persians could use more variety in their clothings and weaponary, Xerxes didn't fight; neither did Peltasts and lastly, Helios is a mythological being and shouldn't be in the painting. But, hey, I'm my own worst critic...

Used Copic markers - yeah, you don't need to be a manga artist to use them, you know. A2.
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