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==== History ====
In Greek mythology, Gelos is the divine personification of laughter. According to Philostratus the Elder, he was believed to enter the retinue of Dionysus alongside Comus. Plutarch relates that Lycurgus of Sparta dedicated a small statue of Gelos to the god, and elsewhere, mentions that in Sparta there was a sanctuary of Gelos, as well as those of Thanatos, Phobos "and other [personifications of] experiences of this kind".

==== Profile ====
Gelos is a MLP/female version of 'Gelos' to become Pinkie Pie's Persona in upcoming idea of "My Little Persona" is a fan made crossovers of between My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Persona series

after Twilight, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Riraty, with Investigation Team(Persona 4) and Shadow Operatives(Persona 3/Persona 4 Arena) to defeat Shadow Applejack and she got her own Persona("Gabriel"), but Shadow Pinkie Pie(cupcake) show up and capture Mitsuru Kirijo, OC Steve Sandgo, and Akihiko Sanada been hanging by cross for Cupcakes but Twilight, mane 5, with Investigation Team and Shadow Operatives to recuse them but suddenly Rainbow Dash Persona(Valkyrie) show up with Yu, Aigis, Labrys to join Twilight defeat shadow Pinkie Pie and save them. but Pinkie Pie so upset but Shadow herself gave her a smile, shadow trun into Gelos

==== Power ====
* Magic Wand

==== Triva ====
* If was Idea by
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