Honored Picture

Next up, one of the 6th Division captains Clio Erganes! Normally she ties that mess of hair back in a bun, but it was way to fun to draw haha

Clio was born and raised in ancient Sparta, and eventually had a husband and child. She died in childbirth with her second, and was honored because of this. (Men were honored to die in battle, childbirth was equally as honorable, true fax).

Her soul ended up being one of the ones that early Shinigami bumbled, and she floated aimlessly between worlds (unconsciously) for many years until she was finally noticed and brought into the Rukon, where she lived for a few more years. She decided that life was boring, and tested into the Shino Academy, where she caught the attention of Hattori Fuu, and consequently became Fuu's very first student- in fact Clio is the reason Fuu wears Greek sandals. Graduating top in her class in Zanjutsu, Clio earned a low seat right out of the academy in the 10th Division under Tatum Silva. Still in contact with Fuu, she ranked up a few seats and transferred to the 2nd Division for a short period of time, ranking all the way up to third seat.

After the Aspect incident that killed Tatum's lieutenant and caused her demotion, Clio was asked to transfer back and become the lieutenant under Tatum's successor. This lasted for several years until the captain was killed in the first Espada War, in which Clio found her Bankai and was promoted to captain, and her 3rd seat Matt Alder was promoted to lieutenant. A few years later Matt disappeared (Visored incident) and Clio never replaced him. Upon the Shadow Invasion, Clio's division was closed and she took over the 6th Division with Merek the 2nd.

Mini bio:
Name: Clio Erganes

Race: Shinigami

Nationality: Greek

Age: Appears to be in her mid 30s

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 120 lbs

Eyes: Turquoise

Hair: Brown

Build: Petite, a little curvy (C-cups), with an athletic build. Has wide hips and is a little pigeon-toed.

Distinguishing marks: Back and torso is covered in laceration scars

Occupation: Captain, 6th Division

Former occupation: 20th, 17th, and 13th seat, 10th division, 15th, 9th and 4th seat, 2nd Division, lieutenant, Captain, 10th Division, Captain, 6th Division

Zanpakuto: Αμβροσιος (Ambrosios, Immortal), melee type
appears as two Greek short swords

Shikai: Two dark silver falcata

Reiatsu: yellow-orange

Brief personality: Clio is a little strange and quirky, with odd mannerisms and a strange way of interacting with people. She loves mythology and mythical creatures, and always wants to learn more or more about them. She also is fascinated with history, and would much rather have a conversation about her interests than what she considers 'idle chatter' and small talk. She likes to work hard and push herself, and has extremely high expectations of herself and her subordinates, sometimes running them to the ground with her training, both due to her upbringing and her studies under Fuu. She is a little obsessed with pushing herself, and spends most of her time training and studying, with little time for relationships.

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