Farengar (The Gargoyle God Of War Picture

There were many Greek gods in ancient Rome. Like, Zeus and Ares and Hera and Hercules. But what happens when Greek Mythology meets Gothic Mythology? We get: FARRENGAR THE GARGOYLE GOD OF WAR.

Pony Kombat Bio:

Name: Farengar
Age: Unspecified
Height: 8'4
Weight: 10 Tons
Weapons: Magic, Spear and spiked club, Double Broad sword and whip.

Strengths: uses fear as a factor Manipulates the environment to his advantage.

Weaknesses: Same as Aries

Being torn apart limb from limb by Kratokis, The Gargoyle Ghost Of Sparta, DOES have it's advantages. Like, being reformed and beefed up by Hadourous, The Gargoyle God Of The Underworld. Fear is Farengar's most notable asset. Pain being the second. Durable during Kombat and quick not just on his feet but his whit as well.

Although, having two massive children could be a pain for a single father.
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