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It's everyone's favourite Goddess of Discord, Eris! I'm doing a course on Mythology in English class, and felt the urge to draw Eris whilst reading about the Trojan War and the Judgement of Paris. ^.^
If you don't know it, the myth goes like this:

Zeus and all the gods of Olympus didn't like Eris because she was mean, so she wasn't invited to their parties. She got pissed off and decided to punish them by setting them against each other. She marked a Golden Apple "For the Fairest" (see above), and threw it into the hall where they were dining. Pallas Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite ended up fighting over it, and asked Zeus to decide who the fairest was between them. Zeus was smart and decided not to get into the matter, and told them to go and ask Paris, a young prince, who was an excellent judge of beauty. They went and asked him not who was the fairest, but each bribed him with something magnificent -- Hera offered to make him the Lord of Asia and Europe, Athena promised that he would be the one to lead the Trojans to victory against the Greeks, and Aphrodite said that the fairest woman in the world would be his bride. Paris decided to give Aphrodite the golden apple, and she told him that Helen of Sparta (soon to be Helen of Troy) was the fairest, and Paris stole her away, the Greeks went after her, and the Trojan war was started!
Yay! That ends today's lesson in Greek Mythology, now for homework you have to u.u;

Art+colouring (c) Me (heyy, this isn't fanart! Think of that! *shock*)
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