Artemis - an eternal virgin Picture

Artemis - in the Greek mythology of the Goddess of the moon, plant and animal world, the minder of virgins, the large huntress - an eternal virgin, responsible for a sudden death.
She was a daughter Zeus and Leto, an Apollo twin sister.
Artemis belonged to the circle of 12 Olympic Gods.
Equated with the Roman Goddess - Diana.

She exiled also a sudden death to women in the confinement, probably out of malice - how universally it is a well-known fact, in order to give birth to the child, it is necessary at first to lose its virginity
For her a bow and arrows were attributes, and with favorite animals the hind and the hunting dog.

Artemis didn't forgive insults - altogether from Apollo, she kill each other another Niobe children in the defense of the honor of the her mother Leto, whereas she turned the hunter Actaeon, which examined her in the bath into the red deer, and then his own dogs tore it apart.

She was a patron of hunters as well as she looked the Amazons after.
Artemis was a goddess of the fertility and the death, all at the same time ( virgin and fertility - it is interesting, truth?).

In the Sparta every year boys were being punched this way, so that blood gushed out to its altar. Yeah unfortunately, actually Artemis was a very cruel and bloodthirsty Goddess.

Temple in Ephesus, counted among one of 7 miracles of world, was consecrated to her.

Therefore at many sculptures and images she is being introduced with red deer, or in the forest. A lot from these images it happened, in our times, with symbol of the kitsch - but completely unjustly, because the taste of the audience is changeable, and what today is kitsch, tomorrow can be with work of art Recently I could see on auction the painting, the certain Polish painter from the thirtieth years of the 20th age, portraying Artemis on the hunt, priced on of 25 000 dollars, and sold too of 37 000 dollars. It was kitschier than my work

CS2, 83 layers, 4 working hours
Not commercial only, the link,credit,
I am thanking:

~fae-stock for Artemis [link]

=FantasyStock for one of Artemis dogs [link]

~Mirtasstock for second dog [link]

=JLStock for deer [link]
and plants [link]

!markopolio-stock for the garland, the symbol of the virginity [link]

~EMazing-Stock for beautiful forest [link]

*Moose-Stock for forest lake [link]

~Tazni for the calamus [link]

~LunaNYXlivingstock for brushes, which with I made the morning fog [link]

*TammySue also for brushes [link]

~MooseDrool-Stock for the arrowhead to the arrow [link] , without it the arrow would look like the toy
Unfortunately I cannot find owner of lilies, which are masking the lakeside by the red deer, if you recognize your work, I am asking send me the note, and I will add the link to your page

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