The Ghost of Sparta Picture

This is Kratos.

Kratos isn't very nice.

In fact if you see pretty much means your ass.

But he won't just kill you.

That's boring.

Kratos will grab you by your eyelid, peal it open, and then shove his over-sized blades through your head. Or maybe he'll shove his blades to your mouth, and then hop on your back and yank on the chains attached to the blades until the top of your head is removed from your body. Either way, it's rather unpleasant.


I'm currently playing God of War on the PSP. Quite fun. My PSP is charging right now, so i am able to squeeze in some fan art. This was done in ArtRage and then smudged up in Photoshop. I played around with the smudger that
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