Helen of Sparta Picture

I was born Helen, daughter of Lord Zeus and Leda, sister to the Gemini twins and wife to Menelaus. That is all that myth says about me, my father neglected me as soon as I was born. I was abducted many times including by my own cousin Theseus who wanted a divine wife, I was but a girl then. Mythology and fiction both portray me as little more than a footnote in their stories even my own myth " the abduction of Helen" I have but no lines or a description apart from "the most beautiful mortal woman on earth". Fiction insults me and passes me off as nothing more than a vapid girl with nothing to offer but her beauty. I was a good girl and did as expected, I married a man I did not love and I was a proper Greek princess; because that is what was required of me. Yet books like the "Heroes of Olympus" only mention me in jest. When my dagger was given to a daughter of Aphrodite, that impudent daughter of Athena dared to pass judgment on me. I would love to see how you would fair in a world where you are little more than property Annabeth Chase, you pseudo-feminist. But I digress. Myth wronged me and made me but a reason for the Greeks to invade and destroy the great empire of Troy, I was but a pawn in a bigger scheme by forces which had little sympathy for how their children endured. The only persons who I can say truly cared for me were my brothers. I am Helen of Sparta, the face who launched a Thousand Ships and I am Helen of Troy; the most beautiful woman on Earth, However I am also Helen neglected and underestimated.
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