This is not Sparta Picture

A piece I did inspired by Greek mythology.

The god of war, Ares, challenged Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom, to a fight. So Ares comes charging all macho and "This. is. Sparta! Raaagh!"
...So Athena threw a rock at him and he went down. Ooh, PWNED! She threw the rock so hard that the guy actually disintegrated! (he got better later. Being a god and all) and she just stood there watching him disintigrate, like 'yeah, you don't mess with Athena, this is Athens, fool!"
Greek Mythology is awesome.

The pencils were done on regular printer paper with an hb 0.5 mechanical pencil. Inking was done in Manga Studio Debut, and colours with Photoshop. Time taken about 5 hours.
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