Cerberus Picture

Today I felt like drawing a more obviously fantasy/mythological character, and this is who I got.
I don't normally draw smexy ladies, so it felt a bit weird, as every pose that fit her character was kind of seductive. Yes, even though her name is Cerberus, as in the three headed dog, she has one head and has only ram horns to make her look odd! However, she'll probably still have something to do with guarding the Underworld.
I've grown kind of addicted to my white-out pen xD when I have a chibi/ character it adds a nice "porcelain doll" effect.
Hmmm... Now I feel like making a Sisyphus character...
Reviewing Greek mythology is messing with me.

Materials: pencil, black pen, marker, prismacolor pencils, white-out, ectoplasm
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