Phelim Picture

Finally got a sprite and intro for dear little Phelim!

our name is PHELIM SYPHUS and boy do you feel stuck. Everyday is always the SAME for you. You go about your work and your activities but feel no joy in it. Not too long ago you were a HUGE STAR. At least to felt like you were. You played in a MOVIE, just a small part mind you, but everyone fell in love with the cute little bucktooth brownblood! Everything felt so good and right! You WERE ON TOP and even some highbloods were noticing you. You felt that you had a chance to CHANGE THE WORLD and make it a better place. But alas they GREW TIRED OF YOU. Everyone forgot your name, no one wanted to hire you and you were forced back to your lonely hive. You are trying your very best not to let it get you down but you are in a major funk. You feel that all you need to do is BREAK OUT OF THE ROUTINE but you just can't. You cannot get over how much power you felt like you had and how easily it gotten taken away. You spend a lot of your time BROODING and SULKING. When you are not feeling bad for yourself you enjoy READING and taking LONG WALKS and HUNTS with your lusus, wolfdad, to clear your head. You love the OUTDOORS and nothing makes you happier than a moonlight stroll. No matter now down you may feel you are a master at HIDING YOUR EMOTIONS and make everything seem ALRIGHT ALL THE TIME even when things clearly aren't. It takes a while for anyone to get really close to you and see how much you true self. Due to your stardom filled past you have your DRAMATIC MOMENTS as well as your moments of INCREDIBLE VANITY but most of the time your a pretty steady guy. Recently though you feel like something is ABOUT TO GIVE and it scares you.
Your trolltag is and you ~pEak wiTh maNy ~wIrl~ & thRee~.

Name: Phelim Syphus.

Name meaning: Phelim: An Irish/Gaelic name meaning “Ever good, like a wolf” which relates to both his generally positive attitude and his wolf lusus.
Syphus: A shortening of Sisyphus, a character in Greek mythology who was punished for his deceitfulness by having to push a rock up a hill everyday only to have it roll back down again. Like Phelim's feeling of doing the same thing everyday.

Lusus: Wolfdad, pertains to his name and his love of outdoors and hunting.

Symbol: The Gaelic sign trinity. It means many things but in this case I'm using the meaning “creator, destroyer, sustainer”. Representing the stages in his life (going a bit out of order on them though). Creator being his star phase, sustainer being the phase of boring normality he is in now, and destroyer being the stage he will enter soon, as it happens in the game. If he lives long enough he will keep going though these phases.

Blood: Brown

Central themes: Fate/changing life. Child stars. Hidden emotions.

Age: 8 sweeps (was a star at 5 sweeps)

Strife: Zhanmandaokind (A large Chinese three bladed sword, it was known to be a reliable mix of strength and speed in a weapon)

Trolltag: variableLupine

Meaning: Variable: Changeable Lupine: Wolf

Quirk: (still in progress) Capitalizes third letter of every word (providing it has one) and replaces s with ~ to resemble part of his symbol.

Hemoloyalty: Doesn't much like the system and wants to change it but won't make that huge of a fuss over it at the present time.

Title: Page of Rage

Planet: Land of Change and Tension

Moon: Prospit

Feel free to RP anytime!
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