Orpheus and Eurydice Picture

Greek Mythology Story Time agaaaaain~

Once upon a time there was a happy couple between a man named Orpheus, and a woman named Eurydice. One day Eurydice went out into a field of flowers but was bitten by a poisonous snake and died. Orpheus was heartbroken, but was able to find a way to get to the underworld without dyeing. But the second he met Charon, the underworld ferrymen, and was told he could not pass the river. At that moment Orpheus begins to sing. His singing is so moving and touching that it calms the entire underworld. Sisyphus stops rolling the boulder up the hill to hear. Tantalus stops reaching for food to settle his starvation to listen. And even Kerberos (Cerberus) lays down his heads as he is charmed by songs emotion. Orpheus is then brought to Hades and Persephone, where he makes a heartfelt plea to bring his true love, Eurydice back with him to the living. Hades agrees but on one condition. Orpheus must not look at Eurydice until they are back in the world of the living. Orpheus agrees and turns around as Hades gives Orpheus Eurydice's hand. They make it to the entrance to the living. Orpheus is determined to not look behind him but wants to hold his love in his arms once more. The second he is out, Orpheus turns to hug Eurydice...but he turned around half a second too soon. Eurydice was then sent back to the underworld and Orpheus could never again find a way to the underworld to get her again. After this massive heartbreak Orpheus rejects any and all advances from other women. Angered by this rejection they gather together, run into his home, and tear him, limb from limb.

What a lovely tail, huh? NO!! I love Greek Mythology but god dang! These stories never have any happy endings. So what did I do about it besides rant and rage? I said I'm writing a new ending to this story! And I say that Orpheus didn't turn around too early! And true love triumphs over death! And most importantly, they live happily ever after. That's right, I'm that kind of delirious dope/nutcase who believes those things really happen!

So, a quick summary, Orpheus and Eurydice lived happy long lives together, and had children, and died together, and lived together for eternity in Elysium (heaven)!
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