XVII - The Struggle Picture

Todays sketch is a bit of an experiment in the series, I want to refine the style and the atmosphere of the world that I'm slowly building up, I want skies and mountains, and scenes that shows different types of environment within the chthonic realm.

This one makes me think about hades, and the eternal struggles of Tantalus, Sisyphus and Ixion which I see as a good representation of a real hell, better than the christian mythology around the subject. Hell is a struggle without progress, a eternal urge that never will be satisfied.
Now this is not what my search is after in a general view, but it is a part of the picture, My nether realm is a whole world where you can find everything that you find in material existence, but all the human instincts are empowered and magnified to the max, as where the spheres that are above will work in an opposite direction with the final goal is to exterminate the human ego wherein these instincts lie.

Anyway, enough with the esoteric babble, I hope you'll enjoy this addition to the series, and I will continue the search as usual right away so stay tuned!
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