Chelys Kihara Picture

So this is my fantroll, Chelys Kihara, know by the handle of treacherousCacophony. I made her for a Homestuck roleplay my lovely friend Kyuu dragged me on. She lives in an AU, cause her background needs it.

She's a rebellious limeblood with the symbol of the constellation Lyra, which is the Lyre. She has a passion for music and partying, something that is shunned upon in troll society. But she doesn't care because she hates the hierarchy with a passion. She came about this because of her ancestor, the Regicide. Limebloods were known to have strong powers and the Regicide's was the power of persuasion. She used her enchanting voice to gather an army against the tyrannical hierarchy. The lowbloods far outnumbered and overpowered the highbloods, and such the Empress decided to use her lusus Gl'bgolyb to squash the rebellion. The Regicide, however, used her own voice to counter Gl'bgolyb's. Of course, the Speaker of the Vast Glub's was stronger and defeated the troll. Though the Regicide's voice drowned out Gl'bgolyb's, saving most of her army from its deadly effect. After the army was quelled, the highbloods issued an extermination against the dangerous limebloods. The limebloods, who were influential in society, took a lot of the cultural with them to their graves.

Only because of genetics did the limeblood traits survive, but the hatched wrigglers were quickly culled and their blood turned into STUPOR SLIME WHAT. The numbers hatched decreased each generation, but they still continued to live on. It wasn't until an Heiress overthrew the Empress that the limebloods were given another chance. A few wrigglers were allowed to live, the new Empress hoping to control them and use their powers for the betterment of the empire. Unbeknownst to her, however, was the presence of the Regicide's descendant, who also had a hatred of the hierachy which was genetically passed on (Which stuff like that has actually happened canon for trolls and their weird reproduction ways).

And, after thinking up all this by myself and then going to research for name ideas, I discovered something. In Greek mythology, the constellation Lyre, before being placed among the stars, had been used to enchant many things (Okay, so I sorta knew that but whatever). It was given to Orpheus, who was the son of the muse Calliope--the HS character based off her being limeblooded. Orpheus at one time was with Jason and Argonauts and played a song that drowned out the deadly singing of sirens.

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