:Deer Woman: Picture

A rustle in the brush,
A figure in the shadows,
A vision in the grass,
A sound in the meadows.
Maiden 'cross the way,
May seem so at day,
But under the pale moon,
A beast that'll spell your doom.
The Deer Woman stalks the night,
Searching for new prey,
Get out of her sight,
If you wish to see another day.
So, all you Deviants who might've come across my gallery. This is my first submission EVER!

*Confetti and fanfare*

As you can see, i'm not exactly the BEST artist here, but I found my skills to be suffecient. Plus, i'm not even 14 yet, so I think i've got a great amount of potential *narcisisstic*...Anyways, I expect to meet new and interesting people, and advance my artist skills!

As you can also tell, my style is STRONGLY, STRONGLY, STRONGLY influenced by manga and anime styles, but I still add my own personal touch! xP


Well, I was reading up on Wikipedia about mythology, and stumbled upon the entry about Deer Woman. It was very interesting! She appears as a woman tothe unwary man, lures them off into the forest, then TRAMPLES THEM TO DEATH with her deer hooves. What a BAMF! xD Kinda like a siren, but cooler!

I realize that she is in NO WAY interacting with the background! I just added it 'cause there was too much emptiness on the page! And I also see that her hooves look funny. I can't tell why though...o_O

I could've doctored this pic up in Paint.NET (a wonderful PhotoShop-like freeware program) but I didn't feel like it! LOLOLOL

Also, the (totally original poem) at the beginning of the description has a wacky rhyming scheme...I should take some poetry classes or something...

And yeah, that's pretty much it! Enjoy, and please give some good (and POLITE) critique!

Done with a Number 2 pencil, Pilot G-2 07 pen, and trusty colored pencils, babeh!
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