Light Dragon Vs. Capcom Areleous Picture

Real Name/Full Name: Gudbrand Areleous.

Bio: A long time ago there were the god hunters who work for the underworld king Hades to obtain power to become like the gods themselves, one of them however didn’t like that idea and that was Areleous. He leaves but then is forced to fight the gods again after Hades decides to control the minds of the gods as his enemies. Not only did he have to fight different Greek Gods but also Titans, Demi-Gods and other Beings.

Affiliation: Hero

Alliance: Light Dragon

Occupation: God Hunter

Abilities: During his time as a God Hunter, he has specialised many skills of the way of Hunting. He also has a remarkable ability to take any monster he kills then turns there powers into his weapons.

Weapons: The suit he wears was given to him by Hades during his time serving him. It comes with cannon on his left arm to shoot projectiles. While on his right arm was the God Hunter’s rarest Weapon “Olýmpou” a weapon that copy the spells, magic and powers of any magical being Areleous fight, even gods. Other weapons include the ones he made from monsters after defeating them such as Gorgon Bombs which turns the enemy into stone after exploding or the Siren Flute which forces his opponents anything he says.
I wasn't thinking about going to add this guy, not only was he a son of a bitch to draw since there is so many detail on him. Because before today a moveset wasn't thought for him until i've done some research on Greek Mythology. So just like i did with Feline, i am going to do a comparision between this drawing and the character i made on a website in which the characters is based on.
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