QueenMermaimon Bewitching Mode Picture

Name - QueenMermaimon Bewitching Mode
Level - Xros
Type - Aquatic Demon
Attribute - Virus
Family - Nightmare Soldiers, Deep Savers
Digivolves From: QueenMermaimon + LadyScorpiomon
Matriarch Mode
Xros Digivolutions:
QueenMermaimon Bewitching Mode + LadyMyotismon =
QueenMermaimon Vampire Mode
QueenMermaimon Bewitching Mode + Lilithmon + Rosemon
= LustQueenMermaimon Temptation Mode
QueenMermaimon Bewitching Mode + BioRotosmon =
BioQueenMermaimon Poison Bewitched Mode
QueenMermaimon Bewitching Mode + Lotusmon =
LotusQueenMermaimon Bewitching Lotus Mode
Attacks - Grisly Plunder
Siren Wave - Fires a shock wave from her spear.
Pearl Temptation - Releases a colored aura from her pearl containing colored flowers to bewitch her enemies to put under her spell.
Poison Slap - Slaps an enemy with poison.
Water Claw - Scratches an enemy with her claw.
Bewitching Wave - Showers the enemy with shock waves that hypnotizes the enemy and makes it a slave.
Name Derivation - Queen, means a female sovereign or
monarch, and Mermai, is derived from the
mythological mermaid, and bewitching, means enchanting and charming.
Tamer/General - Rei Tuver

With LadyScorpiomon Matriarch Mode absorbed, QueenMermaimon Bewitching Mode is formed. She can lure victims by her charm.

She bewitches an enemy with her luring voice and beautiful looks before going on the offensive and she will put the victim to her palace with LadyMyotismon until the victims are under control of LadyMyotismon.

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